Bengal in Distress

West Bengal being the second most populated state after Bihar, has witnessed more ponderous problems than any other state in India. The immigrants from Bangladesh, under the Land Boundary Agreement in 2005, have augmented the socio-economic pressure on the West Bengal government for the provision of necessary daily utilities- food, shelter and livelihood. Industries, on … More Bengal in Distress


In the generation of hi-tech invention of gizmos and gadgets, we are inevitably being automated by the electronic gadgets we use rather actually operating it. Being inextricably shackled with our devices like iphone, ipad, laptop, etc have accrued an overuse of electronic widgets due to which they are frequently prone to accidents resulting in unfortunate … More LORD SAVE MY IPHONE!

Haute Couture

Saree: An Introduction of a Coy Lady With emerging transition of haute couture from traditional to modern, market is flooded with a wide range of saris, gowns and improvised combination of both gown and saree. A country like India offers a covetous range of sarees and gowns to utter out the intricate charm in your … More Haute Couture