Haute Couture

Saree: An Introduction of a Coy Lady


With emerging transition of haute couture from traditional to modern, market is flooded with a wide range of saris, gowns and improvised combination of both gown and saree. A country like India offers a covetous range of sarees and gowns to utter out the intricate charm in your personality. India is known for its fascinating vogue because ladies here do have a vibrant sense of style to carry off a garment astoundingly.

 Saree is celebrated as a national attire of women in India because it introduces the bashful and modest culture of our heritage. Women generally opt for saree in grand occasions like wedding, because the glamour and elegance defined in the feminine couture such as in saree is worth admiration. Although India is a varied nation of customs and diversified culture, 80 % of women in India prefer saree for their own wedding. With ever changing fashion, saree still remains a trendsetter for Indians in this era and for many more ages to come.

To-be-the-height-of-fashion-when-the-budget-just-isnt-there-to-buy-the-latest-items-is-possible.jpgGown: A neoteric elegance

Nowadays gown has become a substitute for heavy sarees which women sometimes find difficult to carry. They are reluctant to give up their charm and aesthetic attached to sarees and so gown has restored their faith. Gown emphasizes on the aesthetic appeal of a women thereby enhancing the royalty adorned in the attire. Being inspired by the western culture, it has similar touch of gorgeousness and simplicity like that of saree making the modernized women go berserk in awe. Astounding generation look up for the extraordinary modifications and are maniac enough to adopt the fashion with all its meanders in the journey of trend. Undoubtedly, India has always surprised the audience with creativity brought about by proficient designers all throughout the city. The attire produced in these regions is inspired by many renowned designers of the world to match a fine balance between the eastern and western charisma.




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